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Hi jacinta1453

Sorry to hear about the error you are having. We have flagged your post with our Customer Service Team. A member of the team will be contacting you directly.

We thankyou for your patience. Please call 1800 004 838 if you require more immediate assistance.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

I rarely use my thermomix Aw But when I recently went to use it the error message C 150 is appearing and it turns itself off........can anyone enlighten me how I can fix this?

Hi Chiefengi

Thank you for your post. As you know we are the distributor of Thermomix in Australia and New Zealand and are unfortunately unable to be of assistance in this case.

A C150 error is to do with the lid sensors so you will need to go back to Vorwerk Europe for assistance.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

Hi Vorwerk Australia,
Although I am in Europe, I would like to ask assistance, please. We use this beautiful TM5 and after a few weeks we got the error C150. Can you write to me some information about this alarm because in the service in Europe they keep it in secret. It is not the first time we got this error and takes long time to deliver to the service and get back the machine. Maybe we can solve this issue if we have som more maintenance information f it.....Unfortunately we are not satisfied at all with this machine. I mean it is very professional IF it works but has much more error on it than it should... Thank you for your assistance!

Just got home and went use my Thermo and it has come up with the C150 error, what would have caused it. Has been working fine right up until now. Sad
How do I go about getting omeone to fix it pls.