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Hi Kazzar

The consistency of yoghurt always varies and can depend on the temperature and the products you use etc. As for the smell, then the research you have looked at is probably correct if you are not using the correct amount of sugar or possibly from substituting products.

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Thermomxi Head Office

Thermomix Head Office

I am having problems with a rotten egg smell developing in my coconut yoghurt. I have discovered it is supposed to be caused by the good bacteria dying when there is not enough sugar to feed it but i dont want my yoghurt to be sweet and I am adding more and more. Could it be because I am using Rice malt syrup for my sweetener or are my ratios out. I also get varying finished products. One was frothy like thick marshmallow, one was runny and the first one was a perfect consistency but stunk like hell. ARRRRRH comments?