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So I made an incredible chai latte using the Thermomix and a chai blend called "South Cloud Chai" by a tea company called Tielka. There's two parts, first is making the concentrate, then is making the chai latte.

Here it is:

1. Make the Chai Concentrate
Makes 16 servings

Measure 40gm South Cloud Chai into the mixing bowl.

Add 1200gm cold water.

Simmer at 95 degrees for 15 minutes.

Add 1/3 cup (120gm) honey.

Blend at level 5 for 15 seconds.

After cooling, strain through a mesh strainer into 1L glass bottle and store in the fridge. If the yield isn't quite 1L, just add a little more cold water to the mixing bowl and pour through strainer.

2. Make the Chai Latte

Heat 3/4 cup milk and add to 1/4 cup chai concentrate.


Here's the chai recipe I based this on: