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Hi again OutiSB

Thank you for your message. You have mentioned two separate recipe platforms.

Firstly, Cookidoo is your complete library of Thermomix recipes. Your subscription gives you access to all Australian recipe collections and more than 50,000 global recipes from over all over the world. Each recipe on Cookidoo has been developed and tested by a Recipe Development Team.

Using Cookidoo you can save your favourite recipes and create your shopping lists. It is so simple to use.

Secondly, the recipe platform we are currently on, Recipe Community… It is not possible to transfer recipes from Recipe Community to Cookidoo.
Recipe Community is a customer based recipe sharing platform, where Thermomix users (of all walks of life) can share their recipes, find new recipes and convert loved recipes. Here you can create your own collections of recipes just by adding them into a category of your choice. You will have permanent access to these collections and can view them any time you visit your profile.

So in short you can print off or use another device to view your recipe from Recipe Community and cook away.

Hope this helps.

Thermomix Head Office

You can access all Cookidoo recipes on your TM6 for guided cooking easy!!

You can't transfer recipes from Recipe Community directly to your TM6. You must print these recipes out and follow the recipe in Manual Mode.


I just got my TM6 this week and wondering how do I get a recipe from here into it do I can cook it.