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If you have Cookidoo access, check out our Plant to Plate cookbook - over 120 yummy vegan recipes!

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TheFatVegan wrote:

A big fat vegan cookbook please

YES please. I have a vegan daughter, and I'm trawling for recipes.

A big fat vegan cookbook please

Come on Thermomix, let’s have a vegan 🌱 cook book. Just ordered the plant based cook book, waiting for the Vegan one now! ...........Please 🌱🌱🌱

Vegan cookbook please

.Rainbow Recipes - a vegan Thermomix cookbook

I would love to see a book and chip with no fat  plant based vegan recipes.

Also would be great for anyone that follows this diet and has experience

cooking this food in the thermomix  to share with us,


Yes please!! I really need a gluten free, sugar free vegan friendly healthy cookbook and chip please

Another vote for a vegan book in this corner (fairly obvious from my username I'll admit).

Yes, definitely a Vegan Cookbook!!!!

yes please, vegan cookbook, bring it on. 


It's all here , find what's your favor Smile

Please i really need a big thick vegan cook book to replace all other recipies Smile

Yes please a vegan cookbook would be fantastic.

Absolutely! my local (newcastle NSW ) vegan forum is loving thermomix and we would LOVE a cook book and chip PLEASE!!!!One with vegan cheeses, amazing side salads, patties, tufurkey type roasts, vegan ice cream recipes, vegan pies, dairy free milks

YES! Please a vgean cook book and even better a VEGAN chip!  So many vegans use a thermomix, it really suits vegan cooking, but no cook book!!!

Yes, I would love a vegan recipe  book!

Yes, a vegan cookbook would be greatly appreciated

So... Any news on this yet? lol

yes please!!!!  would love a vegan thermomix cookbook.


Vegan food is increasing in popularity in line with its huge health benefits and the benefits to animals(of course!) and the well being of the planet. It's time Thermomix put out a vegan cookbook!

Anni Turnbull