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We hear you JayDee_DeeJay.

We have prompted Vorwerk however RC is a public space to share recipes and is not currently maintained at a level like Cookidoo or other platforms. However here in Australia we do understand not that this may come as any help at this stage.

We hope you'll continue to use and share and cook.

Happy cooking.

We have seen that people are writing their notes in the comments section of the recipe. Its not ideal but it serves its purpose in the interim.

Thermomix Head Office

Please, please, please can we have the personal 'Notes' section added back into the Cookidoo recipes? I've cooked so many dishes that I would like to tweak (ie this recipe needs less pepper). I have a huge list of 'saved' recipes I use from Cookidoo but I can't remember every time I need to make a slight change to one if I don't cook it regularly. Besides, I'm getting old and my memory is not as good as it once was! ? ? Cheers, Jo