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I am loving summer hols and just enjoying my new thermie and being in the kitchen without a deadline.

have made scrolls 3 mornings in a row now....... I'm making a double pizza dough (using @150ml of milk in the water) and enjoying rolling out the dough with a wine bottle - no rolling pin at the beach house.  I make cinnamon scrolls with butter, cinnamon, sugar and maple syrup or honey (ms is better). The double batch makes @ 60 scrolls, this depends on how big you make them of course, but we are up the coast with 3 families (14 bodies to feed) and I find there's no waste with smaller sized scrolls.

I make the last two trays as vegemite scrolls (butter, vegemite and a sprinkling of grated cheddar left over from last night's kids' wraps) -  I try to save these for snacks as our houseful of kids seem to always be hungry! (little 2yo boy has eaten 5 as a snack!) At least we know exactly what's in them.

131 cinnamon scrolls