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I have felt your frustration!! I have just cracked the thick yoghurt secret in my house! I used the Thermobliss recipe which utilises the thermoserver, a thick blanket (I use wool) and a time frame of 12 hours setting then minimum 3 hours in the fridge before lifting the lid. My kids (and I) loved it so much we ate 2lt in 3 days! Luckily I doubled the recipe (milk only up to Max line) and cooked for an extra 6 mins. Good luck!

Thick yoghurt on a silver spoonThick yoghurt on a silver spoon

Hi Mrs Petch
Yoghurt can be a temperamental recipe to master. There are so many factors that affect the final result but temperature does play a huge part in the process.

Our Recipe Developers here have noted a few tips to ensure you achieve your desired results.

We see you have the TM5 machine.

These are what we have noticed alter the results:
- If your result is too runny it may have something to do with too much starter – use room temperature starter – this way a cold starter from the fridge won’t drop the temperature of your milk
- We recommend Greek Style Yoghurt with no additives, good quality, with live culture
- Full cream, pasturised milk - as raw milk has not been heated so the proteins remain intact therefore cannot be coagulated
- Using milk powder does help with the low protein in the milk and help the yoghurt to set thicker
- Temperature plays a huge part in setting
- So does the vessel it is being set in – try using the thermoserver if you can

The test kitchen is still working on this however if you heat the milk without the MC – this will help with evaporation and may help thicken slightly. You should be able to drop the starter to 55 g per 1000 g of milk. As we do not know the container you are using we suggest the thermoserver as per recipe in the BCB. Allow milk to cool to 45°C (not 37°C). Do not put yoghurt mixture back on heat for further 20 minutes, pour immediately into thermoserver after first heating and place in thermoserver in oven. The mixture, when being pouring into the thermoserver must not be lower than 43°C (or above 45°C). This has not been formally tested however should yield better results.

We would absolutely love to hear your feedback on this so please report back when you can.
Good luck.

Happy cooking!

Thermomix Head Office

I am really struggling to get a thick set yoghurt as per the 'variations' of plain yoghurt in basic cookbook.

I heat as per instructed and leave to cool to 37 degs. I use 120g of a greek yoghurt of 9.5% fat content (have tried a few varieties including the recommended often Jalna)

I place into an old easyo container and then into the easyo thermos which has been warmed with boiling water and I leave for 6 hours, place in Fridge after that point and don't touch it for another 12 hours and I still have a runny yoghurt.

I haven't yet tried the leaving in thermoserver, nor have I added milk powder to the recipe as it doesn't say to for the thick set.

I also tried alyce alexandra recipe which heats it for 60 mins at 90 deg which is a bit longer than the basic cookbook variation. This was a bit better, however ended up being bitty, so I strained it to make a greek yoghurt. My current yoghurt is even too runny to strain.

I really want to nail this and am getting very frustrated.

Anyone got any tips?? Suggetions for the incubation period? Type of starter yoghurt to use. Anyone also use the easyyo equipment to make thier yoghurt?