Forum TM5 Scales issue - Can it actually be fixed?

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Hi noisymime

Our Customer Service department have made multiple attempts to contact you since October, including yesterday.

Are you able to please contact them on 1800 004 838 so we can look into your issue further?

Thank you

Thermomix Head Office

Was someone meant to be emailing me about this? I haven't received anything yet is all.

Hi noisymime

Sorry to hear about the issues you are having. We have flagged your post with our Customer Service Team and a member of the team will be contacting you shortly.

However, we only have an email address on Recipe Community to contact you with, so if you would like more immediate assistance, please give our team a call direct on 1800 004 838.

Kind regards

Thermomix Head Office

Is there at least any warranty on the repairs for this? It'd be good to have at least a little piece of mind that I'm not going to have to keep paying $134 every 12 months just to keep fixing the same issue over and over.

So once again I'm having the 0-Max issue on our TM5. Since we've had it, it has had to go back in 3 times for this same issue and now it's happening again. We follow all the guidance on this, the TM5 sits on a clean flat service (granite benchtop), it never gets moved and each time the issue occurs we try wiping the feet etc. Sometimes it works temporarily, but the issue always comes back within a day.

I called up service to get it sent back in for what will be the 4th time (all for this issue) and was told that there's now a $35 postage and $99 assessment charge for this. Previously this repair had been free.

From my perspective this issue has never been properly fixed, so I am incredibly reluctant to now pay $134 for it just to be looked at when it doesn't seem like there is an actual, lasting fix for the issue.

Can this issue actually be fixed properely or is it something that is simply going to keep reoccurring every 10-12 months?