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Hi Toots1956

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Thank you for getting back to me regarding the tough meat.

If you follow the above link it should take you to the recipe I used.

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Hi Toots1956

Sorry to hear you experienced tough meat.

Are you able to please provide the title of the Thermomix recipe and which cookbook you cooked it from? We will then be able to pass this information on to our inhouse Recipe Developers and get some feedback for you.

Thanks in advance.

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Only had my thermomix for a couple of weeks and have. Been trying some new recipes.

I cooked sweet and sour pork using pork spare ribs cut into about 3/5 cms following the recipe, marinaded the meat for 2 hours but found that the meat once cooked was very tough. This is unusual as ribs are usually tender. Do I need to cook longer than the 25 minutes as suggested in the recipe. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hubby is becoming frustrated with the standard of meals coming out of the kitchen lately.