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Chinese Pancakes



30 portion(s)


  • 450 grams plain flour
  • 310 grams Boiling water
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • sesame oil, (for brushing)

Recipe's preparation

  1. Add the flour to the mixing bowl, then add the boiling water, add the veg oil and mix for 3 mins dough mode into a firm dough. Leave in mixing bowl for 30 mins. Knead dough dough mode 3 mins until smooth.



    Divide and roll into three cylinders, cut each cylinder into 8-10. Roll each piece of dough into a ball and press into a flat disc with the palm of your hand. You can also use pasta machine to flatten, then cut out with ring.



    Brush one disc with sesame oil and place another disc on top. Using a rolling pin, flatten each pair of discs into a 6 inch pancake. Heat an ungreased frying pan over high heat, then reduce the heat to low and place the pairs of pancakes, on at a time, into the pan.


    Turn over when brown spots start to appear on the underside. When the second side is cooked, lift the pancakes out and carefully peel them apart.


    Fold each pancake in half with the cooked side facing inwards, and set aside under a damp cloth. For 10 mins before serving, steam the pancakes in the varoma steamer over simmering water.


Accessories you need

  • Varoma
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  • Spatula TM5/TM6
    Spatula TM5/TM6
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This works a dream. They are a little more moist and chewy than the shop bought papery versions, but I think a million miles better. It is an abridged verion of a recipe from "The Food of China" by Deh-Ta Hsiung and Nina Simonds.

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  • Thank you so much I made

    Submitted by Robyn Wellfare on 22. November 2016 - 08:11.

    Thank you so much I made these yesterday, only I used the recipe from the book you mentioned "The Food of China" & I did the dough by hand  tmrc_emoticons.p  today I have very sore arms. The pancakes were fantastic though, and I recieved high praise.When sanity kicked in, I thought "That was a hard dough to make, there has to be an easier way surely" so I googled and found your adaption tmrc_emoticons.D YAY!!! So next time I make them I am letting Manu (my Thermy) make the dough and Pedro the Tortilla press flatten the dough balls.

    PS: While I was hand kneading the dough Manu had a marinated Duck in his Varoma Cooking 2  getting ready for the BBQ

    Cheers - Robyn

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  • Many thanks for adapting and

    Submitted by Madame Thermomix on 22. March 2015 - 21:34.

    Many thanks for adapting and sharing this recipe! The nearest Asian supermarket is an hour away and it's a bit far to go for Chinese pancakes. Now I can make them in my Best Friend in the Kitchen and not have to travel so far!   Cooking 10

    Former Thermomix Team Leader @ Thermomix UK. Now living & blogging in France @ http://www.whyisthereair.com  http://www.saveursetsouvenirs.com

    Life is short so stir it up!

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