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Hi bluesky327,

Don't worry - this has happened to many people before! Please mop up any visible liquid and allow it to drain. Given that the liquid was thick and contained sugar, it's best to contact our Customer Service Centre as your Thermomix will likely need to be serviced and cleaned.

During the holiday period, our Customer Service team will be available from 27-29 December from 6am-2.30pm WST on 1800 004 838. They can arrange for your Thermomix to be serviced.

Kind regards,
Thermomix in Australia Head Office

Thermomix Head Office

Arrrrgh ... cant believe that poured liquid (orange juice, maple syrup, mustard) in to thermomix without the blades in while making Xmas Lunch - help!!

Thermo wont switch on & trip power - what can i do???

Hi BJsky_walker

Sorry to hear about the issue you are having. We have flagged your post with our Customer Service Team. A member of the team will be contacting you directly.

We thankyou for your patience. Please call 1800 004 838 if you require more immediate assistance.

Kind Regards

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Hi, yesterday milk was poured into th jug with out the seal. The engine wasnt on and milk poured every where. Is this as bad as not having the blade in and does it make a difference if the engine is on or off. Also is milk worse than water as it is a food and not clean like water. We cleaned the milk up and havnt turned the machine on. Its been about 18 hours.
Cheers Linda

Hi Jallomes44

Not to worry we have flagged your post with our Customer Service Team, who will be able to help you. A member of the team will be contacting you directly.

We thankyou for your patience. Please call 1800 004 838 if you require more immediate assistance.

Kind Regards

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I to have just done the unthinkable and didn’t check my Thermomix had been put back together probably before adding water. What can I do to help save my precious Thermo?

Hi HieFamily

Oh dear, it can happen to the best of us. We have flagged your post with our Customer Service Team. A member of the team will be contacting you directly.

We thankyou for your patience. Please call 1800 004 838 if you require more immediate assistance.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

Thermomix Head Office

Just joined the club. Long day at work, the usual dinner/bedtime chaos with 3 kids under 5. I went to boil some rice for tomorrow's meal. Without checking if my wife had put the blades in, I tipped 1/2 litre of water into the TM5 jug ... prayers for the next 48hours as it dries... Aw

Hi jmanifold,

Sorry to hear this.

Your details have been passed onto customer service and someone will be in touch with you to talk about your machine.

Kind Regards,
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I have done the same as everyone here this morning. Please help. 😭

Hi CathKirbz

Sorry to hear you have water in the base of your machine.

We have passed your post onto our Customer Service team. Someone will be in contact to discuss with you very soon.

If you need please contact Customer Service direct on 1800 004 838.

Hope to get you back cooking very soon.

Warm regards
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Thermomix Head Office

Hi, I have also had liquid go into my Thermomix T5 and the screen is working but blades won't engage. Dried it out as much as possible. Read TM5 not to tilt back but keen upright? Been 24 hours and not yet working.


Thankyou for your post. We have flagged your post with our Customer Service Team. A member of the team will be contacting you directly.

We thankyou for your patience. Please call 1800 004 838 if you require more immediate assistance.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

Thermomix Head Office

I've just done the same! (2 ½ weeks of babysitting on top of my usual busy life style is enough to send me into La La Land). Somewhere in the world of Google was the TM31 solution of lying it on its back to open the air vents and drain the fluid away from the critical parts. I'm trying that now and hoping it works.

*sigh. I was in a flap as we are getting ready to make a big move. Completely my fault. I didin't realise that my husband was being sweet and took it apart to clean it throughly. I was talking, grabbed the ug and placed it on and then poured milk all teh way through. Aw Now waiting for support to ring me or email me back. I was excited to ahve this for the move because it would b easy to pop something together whilst surrounded by boxes. Yep. *double sigh.

Hi jennabatson

Thank you for your post. We are the distributor of Thermomix in Australia and New Zealand and are unfortunately unable to be of assistance in this case we see that you are based in Romania.

Your best bet is to contact Romania Thermomix for assistance. The website:

or email:

or phone: 0268414214

Best Regards

Thermomix Head Office

Please help - I've done the same as everyone below - was rushing and just grabbed the mixing bowl put it on the thermmomix, followed the instructions and threw in 1/2 ltr of water to see it gushing out of the bottom. I unplugged it and have left it to dry but now after 48hrs i've come to try it once again and nothing. The screen doesn't even light up - arrrgghhh! Only had it less than 2 months and pretty much took all our savings. Is there anything i can do to rectify this?

Hi Goddess71,

Your post has been flagged with our service team and a representative will be in contact with you directly to further assist.

Kind regards,

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Ive just done the same, Son didnt screw the bottom back on and had placed jug back on the Thermy, half a litre of water and powdered milk later.... Not sure what to do now.


So here I was upset and furious about this issue with the water getting into the machine ... When a lovely and very understanding lady from thermomix Brisbane called and saved the day! Thank you Rebecca! I can smile again Smile



Turned  it on ladies and works perfectly after 48 hours ! 

Yesterday I made stock , peanut butter , sausage rolls , popcorn salt ..... 

Hi Vicstar, well I finally plucked up the courage to try my Thermomix today and it worked just fine,  and using it seems to have sorted out the problem with the recipe chip also.  thank goodness Bigsmile

I hope you have had the same good luck!


Hi vicstar0275,

I hope your THermomix is working after 48 hours. If you sill have concerns please contact our team at or call 1800 004 838 and a team member will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

kind regards,

Thermomix Head Office

thank you thank you for the postive post... I did this yesterday with UHT milk... I had just washed the bowl after making bolognaise sauce and then washed the bowl to make the white sauce.. I was having a bad day yesterday...  Aw .. I rang my friend who is my consultant sobing my heart out thinking i have just broken my $2000 appliance and she said leave it for 48 hours under the fan to dry... OMG my stomach feels so sick i cant wait to put it on tomorrow,,,, 

HI ,

I did this yesterday...i have had my thermo for 2 months now. I was so upset i called my friend who is a thermo demonstrator sobbing my heart out. I had a really crap day yesterday and wasnt thinking. I was making bolognaise sauce and i washed the bowl to make the white sauce and in goes the UHT milk and i saw the milk on the bench! I screamed.. Luckly my hubby wasnt home or my kids,...I couldnt believe i did it.. anyway I called my friend and she calmed me down and said its going to be ok and not to put it on for 48 hours ... this will be the longest 48 hours of my life i feel sick in the stomach.. but amanda says its going to be ok.... I hope i jhavent stuffed the scales.... fingers crossed .. Take care.. 

Hi Ruth Marsden,

please contact our team at or call 1800 004 838 and a team member will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

kind regards,


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So glad to see all these posts about pouring water without blades attached. Trying to encourage my husband to use the thermie, I asked him to make some gnocch.  He did not attach the base but alas, just placed it into the machine and placed the bowl and blades on top.  As I poured a litre of water into the mixing bowl my heart stopped as I saw it pouring out all over my kitchen bench. I unplugged it and mopped up the water straight away. I have been brave enough to turn it on today but as the weighing function is a bit buggered I've turned it off again. Also the recipe chip comes in and out of registering with the machine. Will it be ok if I give it a few days to dry out?

Hi CatLady81,

Your recipe community profile has you listed as in Qatar.

Contact details for Thermomix distributor in Qatar are as follows:

Phone: +971 50877 2795


If you are in Australia and would like assistance, please contact our customer service department on 1800 004 838.

Many thanks,

Thermomix Head Office

Hi KMG1503,

Your post has been forwarded to our service department and a member from the team will be in contact with you directly to further assist.

Kind regards,

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I have been cooking all day.  I went to make yet another recipe, choc custard by tm chip, with my tm5.

I added chocolate chips to the tm bowl to be grated, then added a litre of milk...only to realise that this Dickhead had been cooking so much with it today I forgot to add the base and blades from the previous clean; so milk (1ltr) had poured down under the base! This came as a compete shock as it sounded like it was grating (so the motor was still tossing the choc chips around in the bowl).... The tm is turning on (thankfully ) but won't grate as it saying the pins need wiping.....I really hope I haven't broken my machine. Anyone done this before? Only had it 4 days so still getting used to it over my food processor.....can't believe I forgot to put the darn base and blades on.... I really don't understand how the tm can still function without the blades and base to the bowl! This is a huge flaw in the design and it shouldn't work without those two major parts! It serves both a risk to the life of the tm and safety of the user. This MUST be told in the demonstration "THE THERMOMIX WILL STILL FUNCTION WITHOUT THE BLADES AND BASE WHICH CAN POTENTIALLY RUIN YOUR MOTOR AND CAUSE A SAFETY CONCERN". I just spent ALOT of money on this appliance, moving from a food processor (where you simply click the bowl in to place and will work provided the bowl and lid is securely clicked in to place) to this which requires two additional pieces to the bowl yet will still function if they're missing? ?!! This really isn't acceptable - it's a very expensive kit and in one heartbeat the motor can be destroyed. I'm really hoping I haven't killed it . This is a real problem Thermomix. $2000 plus dollars I just paid for this!! Please help!

Damnation!!! I've just poured water into my bowl, only to see it come pouring out from under the base! Not even 1 week old

Hi Betty10,

A team member from our service department will be in contact with you directly to further assist.

Kind regards,


Thermomix Head Office


My son went to make a milkshake tonight and he poured the milk in without the bladein the bowl. Milk came out everywhere and was leaking out of the scale legs. I unplugged it and its sitting on a towel. Has the milk stuffed it because it's coming out of the legs. The machine wasn't on when he poured the milk in, it had shut down because he took forever to get all the ingredients out. I see posts say to put the machine on it's back but you should never do this right. My consultant told me to leave it upright and don't turn it on for 72hrs. Has anyone else done this and left the machine upright and still worked.


I just wanted to write this for anyone that may be distressed about getting liquids in their thermomix.  Hopefully this post will help  Smile

I drowned my TM5 on Tuesday night.  I poured water into the bowl without the blade in.  As I was pouring, I heard the sound of running water and realised water was pouring out the bottom of my thermomix.  So I pulled the bowl out and emptied the tiny amount of water left in it and then I rushed over to turn it off (it shut down perfectly) and put tea towels in the area where the bowl sits to soak up the water.  Then about an hour later we tipped it upside down and water seeped out of the sides.  We decided to leave it for a few days to dry out properly so it sat by the window in the sun for about 48hrs.  We turned the thermomix back on on Thursday night and the touch screen appeared to be working perfectly though we didn't actually use it.  Then on Friday afternoon we made pizza dough with absolutely no hiccups.  For now, it looks like my TM5 is ok.

Based on my experience, I recommend turning the machine off immediately and leaving it to dry out for at least 48 hours.

Hi traceyd1975,

A Thermomix service representative will be in contact with you to assist.

Kind regards,


Thermomix Head Office

Hi this too happened when my son tried to make a smoothie. The screen turns on but bugs out and freezes. Any suggestions


Customer service organised to have my machine returned for a clean etc, it cost about $100 which i was Ok with. I was just happy to have the machine working again.

My big mistake was picking the machine up when I had tipped water in the bowl with no blades, The water poured straight into the touch screen!


Hi Stacey2501

Thanks for your mesage.

We have flagged your post with our Customer Service team. A member of the team will be contacting you directly to assist.

Please bear with us in the meantime.

Kind regards

Thermomix Head Office


This just happened to me last night.  I put the blades in my forgot to put the lock on base attachment on. Only had my thermo for less than a week i am so sad . I have wanted one for 3 years and finally got one and this happens.  What do i do ???? My screen is frozen on the intro screen

I too have tipped water into the bowl without the blades in, I have left it for 48 hours, however now that it is on the touch screen is not working, I can actually see water in the screen.

I have contacted customer services and am patiently waiting their reply.


I just did this after owning my machine for less than 48hrs =(

I'm going to check it in a few hrs to find out if it's ok. I left a fan blowing on my unit for the last day and a half hoping that would help it dry out well as it's currently cold and rainy so there's a bit of humidity.

What happens if it's not okay? Will it be covered by warranty? 

Tm31 leave it on its back. 

The newer model tm5 leave it standing upright and do not or on its back.

Hi Det.nsw,

If it was just water that has entered your Thermomix. Please leave your Thermomix TM31  unplugged and on its back from 48 hours to dry out completely.

If there were other ingredients that went in as well, this may affect the operations of the Thermomix, and this will need to be cleaned up by our Service team.

Once your Thermomix has dried out, try to operate it again. If an error comes up still, please give our Service Department a call at 1800 004 838 or email


Thermomix Head Office

My goodness!!! For such an amazing machine. This is a serious design fault. How can the machine operate without the blade in it. There should be NO way that you can pour anything down the hole to potentially malfunction the machine and not to mention cause so many heart attacks to the owners who are genuinely attached to these beautiful machines. Come ON Thermomix fix this serious problem.

On Wednesday I joined the club of putting a litre of water into thermi without the blade. I left it over night and it worked in the morning. Thursday night it came up with an error message 52 clean prongs. Have had my consultant and even though I have left it off over night it is still doing it. When I went to put my thermi back in its usual location water came out of it. I have now put it onto its back with a fan on it.


have I wrecked my thermi our should it just dry out and be ok

I've just joined this club.

Thermie bowl was sitting on the machine. Blade & base not attached. Went to make my morning smoothie and poured 1 cup of water straight into the bowl. 

Water everywhere and a lot of swear words. 

i dried it out, but I've been at work all day. It's on its back now. My consultant was a big help, told me to leave it for 48hours though. 

arrrgh - fingers crossed all is ok!

oh my gosh... I have just melted butter in the thrrmomix with out the blade in it! Was dealing with kids at dinner and did not realise it wasn't in .......I have looked at above comments and put it in the sun on its back and will leave to drain for 24 hrs. Have I wrecked my thermy??? Has anyone else don this? Melted butter for 2 mins at 100 degrees...

I've just done this :(( hoping what you say works fingers crossed!

Water meets motor

Argh! I fell victim to this today. My son had placed the bowl back in the night before with out the blades in it after wiping it up. I got up this morning and started to pour 1lt of water in it  :(. Thank goodness my thermo lady had told me what to do when I had purchased mine. I placed it on a towel on its back and as there was no sun about I put it in front of a small fan heater. Yay 4 hours later  it had worked  Bigsmile

Yes - in a situation like this - do excatly as Cathy says,

i always make a point of telling my new customers that you must advise everyone in the house to never put the bowl on the base without the blades in position  - not really a design issue - more just double checking,

Its also a good idea to let your consultant know when something like this happens - incase you have issues arise from the probelem down the track