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Oh yes it would be wonderful to be able to add notes on Cookidoo. I'd also love the ability to add my own recipes for my
own personal use (and sharing if possible).

while the cookidoo recipes are fantastic, I find myself having to use my personal recipes and notes I've saved on my phone, which is quite frustrating and defeats the purpose of cookidoo.

Yes please, bring Notes back to cookidoo, they where very useful.

When will notes be available to add to Cookidoo? It's a very important but missing feature

Hi Emma222

You might be referring to our two different platforms.

Firstly, Cookidoo is your complete library of Thermomix recipes. When you register with Cookidoo an entire world of recipes can be transformed into recipe playlists, weekly meal plans and customised shopping lists which can be seen on your TM6, TM5 with the help of the Cook-key, sent straight to your smart device or viewed on your computer. Your subscription gives you access to all Australian recipe collections and more than 40,000 global recipes from over 14 countries. Each recipe on Cookidoo has been developed and tested by a Recipe Development Team.

Secondly, the recipe platform we are currently on, Recipe Community… It is not possible to transfer recipes from the Recipe Community to Cookidoo. Recipe Community is a customer-based, recipe sharing platform, where Thermomix users (of all walks of life) can share their recipes, find new recipes and convert loved recipes. You can create personal collections of recipes in Recipe Community, for example “My favourite Christmas dinners”, “Gluten-free Mains” or in your case “FODMAP favourites’ for instance. This feature can be accessed in your profile under “My collection”. Here you can create your own collections of recipes just by adding them into a category of your choice. You will have permanent access to these collections and can view them any time you visit your profile.

Lastly, the Recipe Development team are always working busily in the background creating new recipes and they are taking note of the request for other collections. However, in the meantime feel free to set up playlists in and collections in Recipe Community with your favourite recipes and continue enjoying the world of recipes that these different platforms provide.

We hope this helps clarify.

Thermomix Head Office

I can't I access this on my new Thermo mix I really want to access this website as well as Way more great recipes then Cookidoo do at the moment.
And Thermo mix and allow you to any website that has the mix recipes

Yes please!!!!! The absence of notes has been frustrating me for some time but I only just got around to actually researching if it exists and how to do it. Disappointed to find it used exist and was deprecated. Have been an owner for years but never even knew it used to exist - in the article it mentioned that it was deprecated due to low usage but that may be more due to lack of awareness than desire!!!). Notes would be INCREDIBLY useful on Cookidoo.

Great to hear as I miss the notes on Cookidoo too. Thanks for your help.


Hi Nikidyns

Thanks for your feedback and we'll certainly pass it onto Vorwerk who develop and maintain the Cookidoo sites globally. It is a handy feature!

Kind regards

Thermomix Head Office

I love that I can add notes to recipes on this site, but would really love the same feature on the cookidoo recipes! Is this planned for the future?