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Tell me do you still feel like this...? Or have you grown to love it... I hope so as I have all the same fears, waiting for mine to arrive .


thanks I look forward to hearing from you.

Yes a cook book with more kid friendly recipes would be great . I have a 13 month old, 21/2 yr old and 5 year old and all fussy eaters. Since getting my thermomix a month ago I have only used my pan to fry pancakes, heat up naan bread and fry the chicken nuggets from the recipe community book. However I do find I am cooking the same things as the rest of it is not kid friendly. 


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There's a new cookbook out now with a title something like Chef Laurent Cooking for Families? I think it may have been a limited edition as I can't see it for sale on the site.

I'll find out more.

For the past five months I've survived using only my Thermomix and occassionally using my frypan or square grill pan. You can do everything in there! Of course it's easier if you have multiple TM jugs, but I'd also love to hear more about what types of meals you're after. Interested to hear what you'd like to have on the menu.

I bought the thermomix exactly for this reason (and my consultant really pushed this point home). Unfortunately I have found that there aren't that many recipes that use just the jug. I have only a handful of recipes I use and to be honest my thermomix goes unused most of the week. 

I avoid dishes using the  varoma becaues if I was just going to steam something, why wouldn't I just do it on the stove?



We have similar issues, although we find the EDC Apricot chicken rissotto, the lasagne, shepherds Pie are all used here often.  We have 4 kids, so easy one pot meals to feed us all is really nice.

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Great idea Jacqui! We will definitely keep this in mind for future cookbooks and let's hope your fellow RC users rally and upload their own takes on one-pot-wonders!

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I find that there are not enough recipes for easy healthy tasty meals that I can make for us and our 5 year old.  More main courses please!

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