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Mum's Smashed Light & Fluffy Lemon Cheesecake



16 portion(s)


  • 250 g Milk arrowroot biscuits
  • 125 g Butter, cubed


  • 140 g Boiling water
  • 1 package lemon jelly
  • 250 g cream cheese, philly style
  • 220 g castor sugar
  • 1 can Carnation evaporated milk (cold), must be cold
  • 2 Large lemons, juice only


  • shaved chocolate or lemon zest

Recipe's preparation

  1. 1. Crush biscuits - 5 sec/speed 6. Set aside

    2. Melt butter - 3 min/70 deg/speed 2

    3. Add biscuits to bowl and mix 10 sec/speed 3. Scrape and repeat if required

    4. Set aside. Clean and dry bowl

  2. Filling
  3. 1. Dissolve jelly in boiling water (in a separate bowl). Set aside to cool

    2. Add cream cheese and sugar to Closed lid and beat - 1min/speed 4. Set aside and clean bowl

    3. Insert butterfly and add carnation milk. Beat 1min/speed 4

    4. Add cream cheese/sugar mixture to milk and mix - 20sec/speed 4

    5. Add lemon jelly and lemon juice to mixture and mix - 10sec/speed 4


  4. Layering
  5. 1. Add 2-3 tbsp of biscuit base into glasses. Pour mixture on top of base until 1/2 full. Repeat and top with shaved chocolate or lemon rind if you like

    2. Allow to set in refridgerator for an hour


Accessories you need



* This dish was a dessert staple in our household when I was growing up, and has great sentimental value. It is perfect to serve at a BBQ, and single serving sizes make it easy to dish out to your guests!

* You could make this traditionally in a cheesecake tin. Press base firmly into tin and top with filling. This will need 3hrs or so to set. It is a very light and fluffy cheesecake

* Add more lemon juice if you want more of a lemony bite to your cheesecake

* When your (or your neighbours!!) lemon tree is full of lemons, squeeze the juice of a few into containers and freeze for later.

* Use a potato peeler (the Thermomix toolkit has a fab peeler) to remove the skin from your lemons, and freeze in a zip lock bag. Milling to create a fine zest is easy when frozen - 10 seconds/speed 10

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  • Made this on the weekend so yum

    Submitted by Adnally on 1. June 2017 - 22:24.

    Made this on the weekend so yum

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  • Fluffiest lightest cheesecake

    Submitted by Kirstie27 on 14. June 2015 - 18:16.

    Fluffiest lightest cheesecake I've ever had!! 

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  • We made this as a whole

    Submitted by R6cket6 on 20. March 2015 - 23:59.

    We made this as a whole cheesecake and topped it with fresh strawberries and kiwifruit. It is divine; light and fluffy as the title suggests!

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