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Chocolates(home made) mixed flavours SWEET!



60 portion(s)


  • 95 grams Butter, salted or unsalted
  • 125 grams condensed milk
  • 5 icing sugar/mixture
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
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Recipe's preparation

    Fondant ( inside of chocs)
  1. Home Made Chocolates with Fondant Fillings


    You will be making the inside mix to the chocolates first we will call it a fondant for the purpose of differentiating steps. This is my first freelance recipe.

    You can choose to make your own icing sugar. Mixture.( approx. 4-5 cups needed for this recipe. I used a pre-purchased one because I still had some left over from before I bought my TM.


    • Add 95 gm. butter to TM @ temp 60 for 1 min, speed3.


    •  Add condensed milk and about half of the icing sugar and mix at interval speed. Continue adding icing mixture till it no longer sticky and you can work with the fondant.


    At this point it will be white dough; you can choose to add any flavouring direct to the mixture or later on as I will explain. I have tried Kahlua, grand Marnier, vanilla etc. 

    E.g./  I divide my mix in 2 to one I add different things, it can be glazed cherries, almonds, hazelnut with a little nutella ,macadamias, brazil nuts.... get my drift?  To the second batch I bash 6-8 Oreos or even the choc ripple biscuits and mix in best to add a little at a time so you can work with the fondant. ( PS:  you can add to TM  if you want)


    •  Once mix is ready, you will now make your filling balls. I make a dip in the middle and add a hazelnut and some nutella, others with cherries, and other nuts and also some plain.

    You can make other shapes too.

    Add to a Sil-pat mat or baking paper. Finish all of them and place in fridge for at least a half hr. the longer the better. Also do the cookies and cream batch the same .


  2. Chocolate Dip. (Tempered Chocolate.)

    Dark good quality Chocolate (Lindt )

    • 400 gm., 4 mins, speed 2 and 50 degrees.
    • Add immediately to a bowl sitting in hot water to keep soft.

     (Separate a bit into a zip lock bag and put aside in some hot water to keep soft.)

    • Dip you ready fondant in with a fork shacking off excess and place back on the Sil-pat or Baking Paper.
    • When your almost done doing the while ones with dark chocolate. Add 325 gm. of White choc to the TM same settings as the Choc before.

     (This will give you a light milk choc colour. Or you can wash Tm bowl and have white Choc for the cookies and cream batch. Once again separate a bit for decorating and add to the warm water. )

    • I added colour to the remainder light brown choc and made it a reddish colour.
    • Slit the corner and drizzle the choc over as seen in picture, Put back in fridge.

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  • add a mixture of coconut(

    Submitted by Jonajach on 21. January 2013 - 22:24.

    tmrc_emoticons.D add a mixture of coconut( taking some of the icing mixture out) for  diffrent flavourings, these are bery sweet. maybe make them smaller?

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  • Choc Dipping dipped chocs

    Submitted by Jonajach on 20. January 2013 - 22:55.

    Choc Dipping Choc Dipping
    dipped chocs  before and after dipped chocs before and after
    with the decor swirls with the decor swirls
    filling filling
    smooth into a ball smooth into a ball
    dip for the nuts dip for the nuts
    fondant fondant

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