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Carrot wraps (base recipe from TRTLMT) CAN BE DONE IN EITHER MODEL 31 or 5



11 piece(s)

  • 2 Medium carrots (quartered)
  • 150 g water
  • 450 g bakers flour
  • 40 g olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 6
    Preparation 40min
  • 7
  • 8
    • Appliance TM 31 image
      Recipe is created for
      TM 31

Recipe's preparation

    Making the wraps
  1. 1. add carrots and water to the bowl and blitz on speed 8 for 45 seconds


    2. scrape down lid and bowl and blitz again on speed 8 for 25 seconds


    3. add all other ingredients to bowl and mix together speed 6 for 10 seconds


    4. lock lid and Dough mode knead for 2 minutes


    5. turn out dough on to a thermomat and rest for at least 30 minutes (the longer you leave it the easier it is to roll) you can do this after 15 minutes if you are in a hurry.


    6. once rested break into about 10 or 11 small balls (no more as the wraps will be too small)


    7. roll out one ball at a time on thermomat with NO FLOUR. the wrap will be  easier to roll out if it stays in one spot on the mat. Roll it out as thin as you can without it breaking. You can nearly see through them.


    8. cook on a very flat pan that is already hot to a medium high temperature. quickly and carefully transfer the wrap to the pan sort of pulling it out as you go in the hot pan (BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF)


    9. cook for about 1 minute on each side. it will start to bubble slightly when it is time to turn. I usually roll out another wrap while the previous one is in the pan and im nearly done when its time to turn it. just pile them all on to a plate adding the freshly cooked on to the bottom.


    10. once all cooked pop some cling wrap over them and let them steam a little. this will keep them nice and flexible.


    11. either serve immediately or they can sit on the bench for a few hours till dinner time. if you have excess you can pop them in a zip lock bag with a piece of paper towel between each one and freezer them. When needed about just pop in the mircowave for about 20 seconds (depending on mircowave power)

  2. Alternative wraps:


    instead of the carrots add a peeled raw beetroot or 170g of spinash leaves tmrc_emoticons.-)


Accessories you need



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  • Great way to sneak extra veg

    Submitted by garthandrea on 5. August 2016 - 13:24.

    Great way to sneak extra veg into the kiddies! They were yummy!


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  • Made these today. Tasted

    Submitted by jagvarna on 12. December 2015 - 13:43.

    Made these today. Tasted great, my 3 year twins happily ate them. I found the mixture too wet to work with so used extra flour to roll out which solved that problem. 

    Definitely a winner sneaky vege dish in our house. Thanks.


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  • just ae these turned out well

    Submitted by jacqui248 on 7. December 2015 - 11:01.

    just ae these turned out well thanks

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