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PRO-TEEN protein muesli bars for Back to School teenagers Lunch Boxes



16 piece(s)

Pro-Teen Muesli Base

  • 200 g rolled oats
  • 30 g Flax seeds, (linseed)
  • 1 tsp orange zest, (about 1/2 an orange)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 50 g Butter, or flax oil
  • 50 g orange juice, (about 1 orange)
  • 20-50 g honey, to taste
  • 2 tsp chia seeds, or more flax seeds
  • 30 g sunflower seeds

Velvety Vanilla Topping

  • 1 batch yoghurt from the Thermomix Everyday Recipe Cookbook, (page 63)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Paste
  • 1 tbsp honey, or maple

Recipe's preparation

    Velvety Vanilla Topping
  1. To make the vanilla topping mix all the ingredients in the Thermoserver once your yoghurt has set. Transfer to a tub in the fridge until ready to use. 

  2. Muesli Mix
  3. In the mixing bowl grin the orange zest and flax seeds for 10 secs./speed 10.

  4. Add the banana, cinnamon, butter or oil, and honey. With the lid on and MC in place juice the orange onto the lid and scoop up the pips that the MC catches from going in. 

  5. Puree for 5 secs./speed 6.

  6. Add the chia and sunflower seeds and mix for 5 secs./speed 3.

  7. Add the oats and mix for 15-20 secs./speed 3 until well combined.

  8. Spread the mix out onto baking paper, a Thermomat or the silicon sheets of your dehydrator. 

  9. Using a second sheet of baking paper on top is a good way to roll it flat without it sticking to your implements.

  10. You will need about half the yoghurt, the rest can be enjoyed on CADA. Spread a thick layer of your vanilla bean yoghurt over, right to the edges and smooth. 

  11. Dehydrate
  12. Set to dry for 24 hours at 60ºC in your dehydrator.

  13. Half way through remove from the solid sheet and put straight onto the grid sheet to help the middle dry.

  14. Cut into bars and store in the fridge or freezer. Can be stored at room temperature, but I prefer to be safe and keep them in the fridge. 

  15. Pack as part of a healthy Teenagers lunch as their afternoon snack or even breakfast on the way out the door.

  16. No Dehydrator?
  17. You have two options.

  18. Option 1: Omit the yoghurt and spread the mix into a baking dish and bake at 150ºC for 1-2 hours until set and firm. Enjoy as they are or spread over molten chocolate and wait till it sets before you cut them. 

  19. Option 2: In a dish lay the muesli mix first then top with the yoghurt and freeze. Cut into bars and enjoy straight from the freezer at home (note not suitable to pack for lunch as they yoghurt only stays solid while frozen). 


Accessories you need



24 hours gives you soft muesli bars. For more crunchy bars simply place back in the dryer for another 12-24 hours once you have cut them into bars to dry out more.


The sources of protein in these muesli bars is from the oats, flax (linseeds), chia seeds, sunflower seeds and yoghurt. Plus you get potassium from the banana and vitamin C from the orange. They are also high in fibre and with out any cane sugar.


You can definitely make these with your own home made soy or coconut yoghurt, if your yoghurt is too thin to spread thickly then simply spoon it into a sieve and let some of the liquid drip out until it is thicker. 

This recipe was provided to you by a Thermomix ® customer and has not been tested by Vorwerk Thermomix ® or Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand.
Vorwerk Thermomix ® and Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand assume no liability, particularly in terms of ingredient quantities used and success of the recipes.
Please observe the safety instructions in the Thermomix ® instruction manual at all times.

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  • How thick do i need to apply the yogurt please?...

    Submitted by victhomas on 26. September 2017 - 21:41.

    How thick do i need to apply the yogurt please? This is my second attempt and the yogurt keeps cracking.

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  • AmandaK: you could add hemp seeds for more protein...

    Submitted by Amitchell on 14. March 2017 - 16:33.

    AmandaK: you could add hemp seeds for more protein also

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  • These are delicious and

    Submitted by jelly580 on 1. November 2016 - 20:09.

    These are delicious and definitely a winnder for us!  I didn't use any toppping this time, and they still taste great.  At 150 degrees in my oven they were done in about 45 minutes, with the edges much more cooked than the centre.  I'll keep a better eye on them next time  tmrc_emoticons.)

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  • I was short on time when I

    Submitted by SammyJP on 22. June 2015 - 12:18.

    I was short on time when I made these, so just spread melted chocolate on top instead of the yoghurt topping. My 8 and 5 year olds loved them!

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  • just made these for the

    Submitted by AmandaK on 6. May 2015 - 14:50.

    just made these for the second time, miss 14 who is vego told me they are better than the carmens high protein (10g per bar) muesli bars.

    but, I've just entered the ingredients into my fitness pal, without the topping (I used dark chocolate!) and each serve is only 3.6g protein each.  Will have a play around with the recipe and try and sub out some oats for higher protein foods, as I want to keep making these!!


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  • Mine have been going for

    Submitted by Tmumma on 30. September 2014 - 20:08.

    Mine have been going for around 12 hours, yogurt is still sticky but has gone a bit brown/ yellow, is this normal? Not sue if it's a waste of power having it go the whole night if they are no good. Could it be my elcheapo dehydrator?


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  • My 3yr old loved these as did

    Submitted by kasspatt on 7. July 2014 - 12:15.

    My 3yr old loved these as did the rest of the family. I just used vanilla yoghurt from the shops but obviously didn't put it on thick enough  as I got cracks on top, still tasted good though. I only have a cheap dehydrator which only has low medium or high - I put it on high for a few hours then down to low for a few more and kept checking it. Will definitely be making these again - much better than shop bought! 

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  • Thanks for the recipe!Will be

    Submitted by Dothan Rose on 15. May 2014 - 11:43.

    Thanks for the recipe!Will be making these today as a meatfree protein food for my growing 'eating me out of house and home' 4 year old son tmrc_emoticons.)


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  • I havent got a dehydrater.

    Submitted by MoizD68 on 5. February 2014 - 12:33.

    I havent got a dehydrater. How do these work out without one???

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  • This is such a great recipe

    Submitted by mish mash on 2. February 2014 - 15:43.

    This is such a great recipe for teenagers or for anyone looking for a high protein bar. With a yummy yoghurt topping! And so much cheaper than store bought! (plus you can understand the ingredients!)

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