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Preparation time
Total time
12 slice(s)


Raisin / Fruit Bread

  • 100 g Soaked Sultanas (and/or Raisins or Craisins or other dried fruit), works best with Sultanas
  • 300 g Water (including water from soaking of dried fruit)
  • 2 tsp dried instant yeast or 20 g fresh yeast
  • 20 g olive oil
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 500 g bakers flour
  • 2-3 tbsp brown sugar or honey
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Mixed spice (ground), optional

Accessories you need

  • Simmering basket
    Simmering basket
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  • Spatula TM5/TM6
    Spatula TM5/TM6
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Recipe's preparation

    Bread Dough
  1. Place Sultanas (and/or other dried fruits) into a bowl, cover with water and allow to soak for 5-10mins.

  2. Zero the scale then drain water into mixing bowl pouring the soaked dried fruit into the simmering basket. Keep raisins for later. 

  3. Continue adding water into the mixing bowl until there is 300g of water.

  4. Add yeast into mixing bowl and heat for 1 min / 37 degrees  C / speed 1.

  5. Add all remaining ingredients (but keep dried fruit aside). Mix 6 sec/speed 6. Then knead 1.5 min/Closed lid"Closed lid" /Dough mode"Dough mode"

  6. Add dried fruit through the top of the mixing bowl knead 60 seconds Closed lid"Closed lid" Dough mode"Dough mode" .

  7. Transfer dough onto ThermoMat or a lightly floured benchtop and work into a ball. Wrap in ThermoMat or place into a lightly greased bowl and cover with a tea towel. Allow to prove in a warm place for 30 minutes or until doubled in size.

  8. Preheat oven to 200 degrees C and grease or line a deep sided loaf tin or baking tray. Knock down dough and place into prepared loaf tin or shape into a free form loaf or prepared baking tray. Allow to prove a further 20 minutes in a warm place. Bake 20-30 minutes or until golden brown. Once baked bread should sound hollow when tapped on the underside of the loaf.


Can prove dough in a lighly greased thermoserver. Preheat thermoserver by placing hot water in. Pour water out and dry with a tea towel. Lightly grease it prior to placing dough in. Cover with tea towel or lid. 

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Raisin / Fruit Bread



  • 17. March 2024 - 00:29

    I really like this recipe, I'm about to make it for the second time tomorrow. It's easy to vary to your taste.

    Last week when I made this I used half wholemeal bakers flour, added 2 tablespoons each of hemp seeds and chia seeds (bit of added nutritients for my family). I used a combo of dried cherries, sultanas and dried apricot. I slice and froze half the loaf and it was great toasted from frozen.

    When I make this tomorrow I will double the spices and increase the fruit to 200g as we like spices and more fruit.

    Thanks for an easy recipe that can be easily varied to suit your taste.

  • 29. August 2023 - 09:33

    Agree with all the comments. Wonderful recipe that you can play around with the flour type or fruit amount or spices you add. Looking forward to trying different items for future loaves. So moist and taste is beautiful. Thank you

  • 21. December 2022 - 08:49

    Is it meant to be dense or fluffy? Mine is quite dense. Am I doing something wrong?

  • 26. September 2022 - 21:39

    So amazing. Both fresh and toasted. Will be making again and again.

  • 20. September 2022 - 20:26

    Amazing simple recipe. My kids 5 and 8 can't get enough up to my 5th loaf on 2 weeks. I do add 200 to 250 grams of sultanas and sometimes diced apple or pear if it's about to go bad!

  • 27. June 2021 - 15:42

    Thank you for the lovely recipe! I have been trying recipes for this bread with no success. I added extra 50g sultanas and doubled the spices. I baked in a 680g bread loaf tin and used my jumbo lid. Just before baking I added 10 iced cubes to a small baking tray and placed on lower shelf. I also sprayed the oven with water before quickly putting bread in. I cooked for 35 minutes then removed loaf from tin and for another 5 minutes on wire rack to crisp up bottom a bit.

  • 24. January 2021 - 19:46

    Amazing recipe! I use this all the time. Freezes well so that we ccan make a loaf and use it through the week!

  • 30. December 2020 - 19:42

    Easy and delicious, gone very quickly and husband loved itSmile

  • 12. October 2020 - 08:30

    Lovely fruit loaf. My second time making it I doubled the sultanas and cinnamon and mixed spice. Perfect for me!

  • 2. June 2020 - 21:26

    This is amazing! Huge hit for the family. Kids love it cut in slices and toasted or fresh from the oven. I use 20g extra raisins

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