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Poffertjes (Dutch pancakes)



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  • 350 g Milk
  • 220 g Plan Flour
  • 1 teaspoon dried yeast
  • 1 pinch salt

Recipe's preparation

  1. Weigh the milk into the TM bowl and warm 2 mins, 37°C, speed 1. Add other ingredients and mix, 30 seconds, speed 4.


    Leave mixture to stand in a warm place and allow to rise to twice its volume.


    Meanwhile, prepare your poffertje pan. (I use a cast iron pan over gas because I think it retains more heat than the electric pans. The pan does need to be quite hot before you begin to cook). You can use spray oil or butter to grease your poffertje pan before each batch, otherwise the poffertjes will stick.


    Cooking poffertjes can be quite fiddly – but it’s worth it! You need to spoon the mixture into each dimple in your poffertje pan – about a tablespoon for each poffertje. They will rise while cooking to about twice the size. If you fill each dimple until it’s flat, then your poffertje will rise to a nice pillow before you turn it. When bubbles begin to pop on the surface of your poffertje, it is ready to be turned. I do this with a couple of forks. (Flipping poffertjes becomes easier with practice!).


    If you line your Thermoserver with kitchen towel, you can keep many batches warm and they won't get soggy.


    Poffertjes are traditionally served with melted butter and icing sugar but I prefer mine dippled  in maple syrup, hot chocolate and cinnamon. A lovely sticky treat!


Accessories you need



The batter is quite sticky and thick when it is ready to be cooked. Getting it from your your spoon and into each dimple in the pan can be a bit time-consuming. Before you have finished filling the pan, the first poffertjes are ready to be turned. An easier and quicker way to manage this part of the process is to pour your mixture into an old, clean tomato ketchup bottle and then just squirt it directly onto the hot pan.

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