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Quince - Poached



6 portion(s)


  • 3-4 quinces, washed, cored, peeled and quartered yield approximately 800 g
  • 300 g water
  • 100 g sugar

Recipe's preparation

  1. Add water and sugar to TM bowl. Place basket in TM bowl, add quince pieces and cook 30 minutes at 100°C  Speed 1.

  2. Cook 10 minutes Varoma Speed 1. Check for thick syrup,  good pink colour, tenderness and perfumed aroma. If more cooking is desired, check fluid levels and add more water before proceeding.

  3. Remove basket and tip poached quinces into serving dish. Pour poaching liquid over and serve hot, warm or cold with custard, cream or ice-cream.


Accessories you need



New quinces that have greenish tinges on the skin will provide improved pectin set if proceeding to make jelly.

Poaching liquid can be flavoured with honey (sugar substitution), cloves or vanilla if desired. 

Pack quince pieces in tightly as they will shrink down during cooking.

Quinces are cooked after first 20 minutes but will not have the typical colour or density of aroma that will be gained from the additional cooking time and temperature. 

Size of quince pieces will influence cooking time as will amount of pectin in fruit.

To make jelly retain all cores, pips and peelings. 3 – 4 quinces will yield approximately 500g of core, pips and peel. See my Quince Jelly Recipe for detail.

Can place pips in the bottom of the TM bowl whilst poaching fruit to begin jelly process.

Cost approx $6

Your vote and comments are always appreciated!.....Happy Cooking

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  • Its finally getting chilly and this was just the...

    Submitted by microelk on 31. May 2017 - 21:40.

    It's finally getting chilly and this was just the thing tonight. I had a couple of quinces left that mum gave me, so chopped them up, added some quartered pairs to make up the weight and proceeded from there. Served it up with the standard custard recipe from TBC and it was perfect. Hit the spot.
    Thanks for posting this.

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  • Great finale to the quince

    Submitted by Maida on 2. April 2016 - 20:11.

    Great finale to the quince paste recipe. Thanks

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  • Could you please post link to

    Submitted by saj255 on 28. March 2016 - 10:19.

    Could you please post link to the quince jelly recipe?  thanks tmrc_emoticons.)

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  • "See my Quince Jelly Recipe

    Submitted by susi muesli on 12. April 2015 - 09:43.

    "See my Quince Jelly Recipe for detail" - where can I find your quince jelly recipe????

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