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Preparation time
Total time
4 portion(s)



  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 30 grams cashews, unsalted
  • 30 grams coriander
  • 2 pieces lemon zest, no pith
  • 25 grams oil, (Olive, Rice Bran or Peanut)

Coconut Rice

  • 400 grams Coconut Milk or Cream, (1 can)
  • 400 grams water
  • 200 grams rice

Fish & Vegetables

  • 4 portions Salmon Fillets or other fish
  • 4 portions Vegetables, (eg beans, sugar snap peas, baby corn, carrot, courgette, asparagus, asian greens)


  • 1 tbsp soy sauce, (gluten free)
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Coriander Cashew Pesto, (reserved from Step 1)
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 Small Chilli, chopped, (optional)

Accessories you need

  • Varoma
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  • Simmering basket
    Simmering basket
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  • Spatula TM5/TM6
    Spatula TM5/TM6
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Recipe's preparation

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  2. 1. With blades running on Sp 8, drop lemon zest into bowl. Stop when you no longer hear the zest hitting the sides of the bowl. 2. Add cashews and garlic to bowl. Press turbo briefly to partially chop. 3. Add Coriander, whizz 2-3 seconds, speed 7. 4. Add Oil, whizz 10 seconds, Reverse Counter-clockwise operation"Counter-clockwise operation" speed 2 to combine. 5. Empty into small bowl and set aside. 6. Rinse TM bowl (you don't have to, but your rice may have a green tinge if you don't).

  3. Steaming
  4. 1. Add Coconut Milk and Water to the bowl.

    2. Insert simmering basket and weigh in rice into the basket.

    3. Scrunch baking paper under running water. Line the base of the Varoma with it.

    4. Pat dry salmon with paper towel (or pesto will not stick) and place it into the lined Varoma.

    5. Reserve 1-2 teaspoons of pesto for the dressing and spread remaining pesto on the salmon portions.

    6. Place Varoma on top of bowl and steam 16 minutes, on Varoma Temp, Sp 2 (if it bubbles over whilst cooking increase to speed 3).

    7. While salmon and rice is cooking prepare the vegetables and place them onto the upper tray of the Varoma. Insert the vegetables into the varoma with there is about 2 minutes cooking time remaining. Nb If you are using vegetables which require longer cooking time (eg brocolli florets or thick pieces of carrot) add them sooner).

    8. While vegetables are steaming prepare the Dressing.


  5. Dressing
  6. 1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and stir with a spoon.

    2. Place rice, fish and vegetables onto a plate. Drizzle with a small amount of the dressing.


Baking paper is also known as Parchment Paper.

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Asian style salmon with Coriander Cashew Pesto & Coconut Rice



  • 24. February 2016 - 15:41

    Delicious...espec loved th dressing. However my rice took waaaayyyy longer to cook. Next time I will cook that first then the salmon and vegetables. Lovely dish though

  • 21. February 2016 - 18:57

    Absolutely beautifu!! Will be making again. I put the veg and salmon in at the same time. Turned out perfect

  • 10. May 2015 - 18:46

    Nice, healthy meal.

    Agree with some of the other comments. Next time I'll double the dressing. My fish also required about 6 mins more cooking time, but I did use snapper, not salmon.

  • 25. February 2015 - 23:31

    Yum! We are big salmon eaters and this recipe was delicious, thank you. Next time I will double the dressing recipe as I wanted more through my rice. I cooked for 20 mins total, adding veggies at 15 mins, the salmon was well cooked so I will drop it back to 16 mins next time.

  • 12. February 2015 - 10:39

    Absolutely delicious and very easy. I left the fish on the bench to warm up a little from the fridge. Once cooked I left it sitting in the varoma on top of the bowl for a few minutes as we weren't quite ready to eat. 16 minutes was perfect for us as we prefer our salmon pink on the inside.

  • 11. December 2014 - 00:36

    Hi Glynis, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! More of my recipes are at if you'd care to take a look. xx

    Kirrin of

  • 8. December 2014 - 19:11

    Absolutely fabulous!!! Will definitely be part of my "regular" meals. My favourite thermomix meal!!

  • 14. October 2014 - 20:50

    Easy and tasty! 

    Cooked rice for about 9 mins before adding veg and salmon. I will cook salmon for about 14 mins next time and I prefer it rare. Thanks for sharing.

  • 8. September 2014 - 23:55

    Thank you for this lovely recipe. Needed quite a lot more cooking for everything but that was no drama. Very yummy!

  • 25. August 2014 - 21:14

    Delicious - especially the dressing. Thanks for the recipe. Cooked everything for a few extra minutes.

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