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Sweet Orange Jam



1 litre(s)

Sweet Orange Jam

  • 650-700 grams oranges, (valencia work well)
  • 750 grams water
  • 750 grams raw sugar

Recipe's preparation

    This is a conversion from one of my dear Nan's cookbooks - it's delightful on thick cut toast with home made butter and a nice hot cup of tea. I hope you enjoy it.
  1.  1. cut ends off orange, cut in half and slice very thinly. You could use a mandolin if you wanted to, but I prefer to use a very sharp knife. 

    2. put cut oranges in a bowl and cover with water and soak overnight 3. drain oranges in TM basket but reserve liquid 4. weigh out oranges in TM bowl - you should have between 500-600gms (after perviously removing ends in step 1) and place into TM bowl 5. Weigh out 750gms of reserved orange liquid into the TM bowl and cook for: 10 minutes | 100 degrees | Reverse | speed soft  6. Add 750gms sugar, cook for: 5mins | 100 degrees | Reverse| Speed 2

    7. Cook for 35-50 mins| Varoma | Reverse | speed 2 | with MC off and the varoma on top to prevent spittingthe varoma allows the steam to escape, but also catches all the spitting and drips. The cooking time is varied, as it will depend on what type of oranges used and what pectin level they have, as to how quickly it's going to jell. I used valencia oranges and they took approx 40 mins. My advice would be to check every 5-10 mins after 30 mins. If you cook too long, the orange peel with candy and it will be too firm - undercook it and you'll have a sauce not a jam! The best way to test to see if jam is ready, is to put a small plate in the freezer, and once it is cold, drop some hot jam onto the plate with a metal spoon. If you jam 'jells' when put onto the plate, you're good to go. (Thats another Nan trick!). 8. Bottle jam into washed and sterilised jars. I used ball mason jars which are fantastic for preserving, but any recycled jars will be fine. You will have approximately one litre of jam once it's ready.   


Accessories you need

  • Varoma
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  • Simmering basket
    Simmering basket
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  • Spatula TM31
    Spatula TM31
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For the 'story' beind this recipe as well as more pictures of each step, have a read of my blog at www.asliceofvi.blogspot.com.au - you can also follow me on Facebook //www.facebook.com/asliceofvi

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  • I don’t know what i did wrong but it was like...

    Submitted by Cheryl1376 on 13. August 2018 - 08:08.

    I don’t know what i did wrong but it was like juice
    cooked for 50 mins and was so runny and it was a mess

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  • Yummy jam. I used Navel

    Submitted by Caro14 on 21. October 2016 - 15:50.

    Yummy jam. I used Navel oranges. They tend to be bigger than valencias so ended up with 700g of orange. Increased the water a little & the sugar by 100g & cooked for 50min.  I'm not a lover of marmalade but love oranges.  This has just the right amount of sweetness. 

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  • Has anyone made this and

    Submitted by Jomac05 on 8. September 2015 - 18:47.

    Has anyone made this and removed the orange rind when slicing? Not sure how my kids would go seeing the rind in the jam!!!!!!


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  • I had some oranges I needed

    Submitted by ssgas on 6. August 2014 - 18:52.

    I had some oranges I needed to use up and as I've never made orange jam, thought I'd try your recipe. I replaced 1/2 of the sugar quantity with coconut sugar as I thought 750g of raw sugar was quite a lot and it turned out amazing. I cooked it for 40mins and the consistency was perfect, very delicious. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  • I love this sweet orange

    Submitted by mbab21 on 9. May 2014 - 19:20.

    I love this sweet orange jam...it reminds me of my mums`....easy to make and too delicious to last long tmrc_emoticons.-)


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  • I always have a jar of this

    Submitted by Amymixes on 15. April 2014 - 10:25.

    I always have a jar of this ready to eat, so easy to make. Thanks Elisha.

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