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Vanilla Slice with Lattice Biscuits



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For the Slice

  • 2 package Arnotts Lattice Biscuits
  • 230 g sugar
  • 90 g cornflour
  • 700 g full cream milk
  • 380 g thickened cream
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 40 g plain flour
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste


  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 250 g sugar
  • 1 Lemon - Juicy
  • 2 tsp water, or more as required

Recipe's preparation

    For the Slice
  1. You Will Need:- 1 deep slice pan or straight sided baking pan. Mine is 5 ½ cm deep. 23cm x 33cm with straight sides.


    Line your slice tray with baking paper with enough overlap to easily remove contents at the end.

    Place one layer of biscuits (sweet side down) on the bottom of the tray.  You will need to cut some biscuits in half to fit the tray, keep the other “half” of each biscuit in reserve to form the “top” piece, after the custard has been added.


    Add 230g sugar & 90g cornflour to the TM Bowl.  Mill for 10 seconds / speed 9.

    Add Full Cream Milk, Cream, whole eggs, egg yolks, flour and Vanilla Bean Paste to the TM Bowl.  Cook for 12 minutes / 90 degrees / speed 4.


    Once cooked, gently pour the custard into the slice tray, on top of the biscuits.  Top with remaining Lattice Biscuits, sweet side up.  Using your reserved “half” biscuits on top of the already “half” cut pieces.


    Cover with cling wrap and place in fridge to set for several hours.

    Remove slice tray from fridge, ice as desired and return to fridge for several more hours.  This slice will take approximately 6 hours to set, but is best left overnight.

    Once set, remove slice from tray and cut into pieces.

  2. Icing
  3. Once set, make icing sugar by combining cornflour and sugar in TM bowl.  Blitz together for 10 seconds / speed 9.  Add lemon juice and a little water to reach desired consistency.  Remove cling wrap from slice and cover with prepared icing mixture.  Return slice to fridge for several more hours – overnight is best.

    Once set, remove slice from tray and cut into pieces.



This can be made with sheets of pastry instead of lattice biscuits.

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  • Absolutely delicious! I

    Submitted by Lmoynie on 28. April 2015 - 16:14.

    Absolutely delicious! I spread some strawberry jam on the bottom biscuit too. Thank you for sharing. Will definitely be making these again. Big Smile

    i had so much custard I added more milk and put it on speed 4 for a few minutes. Used the runny custard for on an apple crumble. Yummy! ( waste nothing)

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  • I just made this - yuck.

    Submitted by LouLouBruce on 13. April 2014 - 23:12.

    I just made this - yuck. Sorry but there are WAY too many eggs in this recipe. The custard came out really eggy and I followed the recipe to a T. Ended up throwing the whole lot away.

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  • My icing taste great but a

    Submitted by MelindaJane77 on 27. February 2014 - 20:09.

    My icing taste great but a little grainy I have even blitzed longer but still comes out grainy. Am I doing something wrong? Everyone loves it. There is never any left. I have also used Passionfruit instead of lemon.  The custard turns out amazing fantastic thickness. Thankyou for sharing.  tmrc_emoticons.)

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  • Thanks Kateris.  Really

    Submitted by Thermorox Sharon on 20. February 2014 - 21:57.

    Thanks Kateris.  Really appreciate your feedback.  It's interesting about the icing tmrc_emoticons.-)  My husband thought there was too much!  Ha ha!  Glad you like it though.



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  • Lovely! Custard perfect

    Submitted by Kateris on 18. February 2014 - 15:58.

    Lovely! Custard perfect thickness and not too sweet. I wasa bit worried it might burn as in the last minute it really thickened and began to boil, so stopped with 30seconds left. 

    Quantities for the icing didn't make near enough icing so added a lot of icing sugar to thicken up.

    Thanks for sharing  tmrc_emoticons.)

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