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Kombucha with Ginger



2 litre(s)


  • 1 SCOBY, Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast - obtain from a friend, or search the internet.
  • 1 Black tea teabag
  • 1 Green/Jasmine tea teabag
  • 200 g sugar
  • 2 l water
  • 2 cm ginger

Recipe's preparation

    SCOBY care
  1. When you obtain your SCOBY ensure it has access to air and is in Kombucha.

  2. Tea preparation
  3. Place teabags in simmering basket.

  4. Place water, sugar, and simmering basket in TM bowl.  Place MC on.

  5. Cook 9 mins, 80 C Speed 3.

  6. Use spatula to remove simmering basket.

  7. Pour tea into a sterile 2 L jar.

  8. Gently slide SCOBY into jar when the tea reaches room temperature.

  9. Place cheesecloth / cotton on top of jar and secure with elastic.  Do not put a normal lid on the jar.

  10. Store jar in a dark cupboard for two weeks for fermentation to occur.

  11. Decanting
  12. 2 weeks later, gently scoop the SCOBY into a sterile jar with some kombucha.  Make sure it has some air.  It should look white and spongy.  If it is big enough, you may be able to divide it, and double the amount of kombucha you make.

  13. Strain the kombucha left in the 2L jar into a sterile container.

  14. Grate 2cm knob of ginger in TM for 3 seconds speed 7.  Add to the strained kombucha.

  15. The kombucha can be left out of the fridge to fully develop the ginger flavour for a day.  Then refridgerate - and strain through a tea strainer when consuming.

  16. Use the SCOBY to make more kombucha!  Don't leave it idle too long!!


Accessories you need



You can use your TM to sterilise your equipment.

To make it GAPS friendly, use honey instead of sugar - that makes it more like Jun instead of Kombucha.

You can also choose to make it with two black tea bags, or two green tea bags instead of one of each.  Fermented green tea with honey is called Jun.

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