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Pierogi ~ Traditonal Polish Meat Filled Dumplings

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6 portion(s)

  • Dough Ingredients
  • 2.5 MC warm water
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 560 g plain flour, (could be less or more depending on the humidity and moisture in the flour)
  • Filling Ingredients
  • 500 g meat cubed (beef and pork mixture)
  • 1 egg
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 onion, sautéed and cooled
  • 20 g Butter
  • 6
    Preparation 35min
  • 7
  • 8
    Appliance TM 31 image
    Recipe is created for
    TM 31
  • 9

Recipe's preparation

  1. Dough Method

    Place all the ingredients into the TM bowl and mix for 20 seconds on speed 9. With dial set to closed lid position Closed lid, knead for 1 minute on Interval speed Dough mode. Set aside while you make filling(s).

    Filling Method

    Place 3 MC’s of water into TM bowl.

    Place the meat into basket and cook for 30 minutes at Varoma temperature on speed 2.

    Drain TM bowl and place meat into TM bowl to mix for few seconds on speed 8.

    Add egg, salt and pepper, sautéed onion plus ½ MC of reserved water.

    Mix together for 30 seconds with the aid of spatula, on speed 6.

    Make pierogi by rolling out dough on floured surface. Cut into rounds using large scone cutter and place a little of the cooled filling onto half of each round. Fold dough over and seal with small pinches to form semi circles.

    To cook Pierogi, place into salted, boiling water for 2-3 minutes. After they have floated to the surface, remove, and serve immediately with gravy and caramelised onion.


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  • Made this today. ...

    Submitted by Thats Nice Chef on 21. February 2017 - 00:48.

    Made this today.

    Dough worked out perfect!

    The filling was a bit bland so added 1x small clove of garlic and a handful of chives to the meat and this added a lift in flavour. Plus I seasoned the filling with some salt and pepper which also helped add flavour.

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  • Can I prepare the pierogi and freeze them until I...

    Submitted by Sio on 18. December 2016 - 14:23.

    Can I prepare the pierogi and freeze them until I want to cook them in the boiling water? Or will they last covered in the fridge for 5 days until I cook them? Thx

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  • Meat & sauerkraut are the

    Submitted by Pbazza on 14. October 2015 - 17:41.

    Meat & sauerkraut are the best for these!  But Potato & Onion are another or even apple with cinnamon for a sweet one!

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  • Instead of the meat filling I

    Submitted by WakesnMish on 3. June 2013 - 20:36.

    Instead of the meat filling I did potato and bacon. Will try the meat next time.


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