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Blueberry Macarons



60 portion(s)

Macaron shells

  • 330 g blanched almonds
  • 330 g icing sugar, (icing sugar mixture is OK too)
  • 220 g Egg Whites at room temp
  • 300 g sugar
  • 75 g water
  • 125 g blueberries
  • 1 drop blue and violet food colourings, Optional

White chocolate blueberry ganache

  • 320 g white chocolate, in pieces
  • 150 g pure cream
  • 100 g blueberry pulp, (retained from shells)
  • 1 pinch citric acid

Recipe's preparation

    Macaron Shells
  1. Preheat oven to 140C without fan.


    Place the almonds into TM and mill for 10-15 seconds on speed 10. You want a fine meal but not to a paste. Add 300g of the icing sugar and mix for 5 seconds on speed 5. Sift almond meal and icing sugar mix through a seive, discarding any big lumps that don't pass through. Place into large mixing bowl.


    Wash the bluberries and place into TM Bowl. Chop for 10 seconds on speed 8.


    Pour the blueberries into a fine seive and collect the juice in a bowl. Stir the pulp to extract as much juice as possible.  Add the juice to the almond icing sugar mix. Set aside the pulp (you should have about 100g).


    Thoroughly clean and dry TM bowl. (It's great if you have 2 bowls!) Any dirt or oil remaining in the bowl will affect the quality of the meringue.


    Accurately weigh out egg whites into two 110g lots. Place one lot into almond mix. Add colour to the almond mix if desired (less is more). Mix thoroughly with a spatula or wooden spoon.


    Place the second lot of egg whites into the clean dry TM bowl and insert the butterfly.


    Place sugar and water into a small saucepan and heat over medium heat without stirring. Place a candy thermometer into saucepan. When the temperature reaches 114C start beating the egg whites. Beat for 1 minute on speed 4. When the temperature of the sugar syrup reaches 118C, take the saucepan off the heat and slowly add to the egg whites while mixing on speed 4. This should take about 1 minute and the temperature of the meringue should reach 50C. Beat for a further 5 minutes on speed 3. This is an italian meringue.


    Add the meringue to the almond mixture and stir through with a spatula or wooden spoon. The meringue is stable so you can mix rather than fold. The mixture should be firmish at this stage. When you lift the spoon the mixture should plop off rather than dribble. If your misture is too firm, add a small amount of egg whites to achive the desired texture. If the mixture is too runny, add a small amount of icing sugar to achieve the desired texture.


    Pipe the mixture into 3-4 cm rounds on baking paper on the baking sheets. Allow room for spreading. The mixture should spread out but still retain it's shape.


    Allow the shells to form a skin. This may take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the temeprature and humidity of your kitchen.

  2. Bake at 140C for 18 minutes, turning halfway through.

    Cool for a couple of minutes on tray then move the whole sheet of baking paper onto a cooling rack or a teatowel on a bench to cool completely. Remove carefully from baking sheet and fill with ganache or store in an airtight container until you have time to fill them.

  3. White Chocolate Blueberry Ganache
  4. Place chocolate into TM bowl and chop for 5 seconds on speed 8.


    Add cream and melt for 5 minutes at 70C on speed 2-3.

    Add blueberry plup retained from sheels and citric acid and mix for 5 seconds on speed 3. You want to retain little lumps of blueberry. Check the flavour balance and add more citric acid if neccessary to counteract the sweetnessof the chocolate.


    Pipe or spoon the filling onto half the shells and sandwich together.


Accessories you need



Macarons can be temperamental and humudity plays a big part in how they turn out. it's a good idea to avoid making them on very humid days.

If you don't have a candy thermometer you are looking for the firm ball stage. When a small amount of the sugar syrup is dropped into very cold water, it forms a ball that holds its shape, but is still sticky when pressed with your fingers. The sugar syrup has to boil for about 7-10 minutes before this stage is reached.

The macarons freeze well.


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