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Pear Paste



8 portion(s)

Pear Paste

  • 8 --- pears, peeled and cored
  • 100 grams water
  • 2 --- freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 500+ grams sugar, Raw Sugar is fine

Recipe's preparation

  1. Cut Pears, peel and remove seeds and stalk and cut pears into chunks. Add to TM bowl.


    Add water and Lemon Juice


    Cook on 100c/Spd 1 / 30 mins or until Pear is soft. If using really ripe pears you might only need to cook them for 10min.


    Puree mix spd 8 / 10sec


    Pour pear puree into a pyrex jug or other heat proof container.


    Activate the scales and weigh the pulp back into the TM Jug.


    Add approx 3/4 weight in sugar. (to work this out easily divide the total weight of the Puree by 4 and then times that by 3) (eg. If the total Puree is 800g, - 800/4=200; 200x3=600; so you need about 600g sugar)


    Cook for 1hour / 100c /spd 1.5 with the MC off; can place the place simmering basket on top if the puree starts to splatter...


    Use the spatula to scrap down the sides and cook for another 30min / 100c / speed 1.5


    Then cook for 30mins varoma temp speed 3. Test on a cold plate if you like or just expect it will set.

    Let the foamy bubbles settle down and pour into silicon muffin trays, lined tray or individual cups and allow to set.


    You want these to set firmly so they a like jelly discs and will sit unsupported.


    If still too runny when they have completely cooled - you could cook again at Veroma temp for 30min and keep testing as you go... or heat again and pour into a sterilised jar. It will be beautiful anyway.


    Store in fridge - Keeps indefinately


Accessories you need



If you were pressed for time or have watery fruit you could add gelatine or agar agar, but the storage quality will not be the same.

This can be made with plums and quince

Serve with cheese!

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