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Lemon (Meyer) or Mandarin Marmalade



3 jar(s)

Lemon (Meyer) or Mandarin Marmalade


  • 500 g Meyer lemons or Mandarins, Thin skinned, chilled. See Tips for max qty
  • 50-150 g water, See Tips
  • 400 g sugar, 80% of sliced fruit/juice weight in Bowl
  • 60-120 g freshly squeezed lemon juice, if using mandarins
  • 1 level tsp Citrus pectin, optional, if mandarins are low in pectin
  • 6
    1h 10min
    Preparation 1h 10min
  • 7
  • 8
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      TM 6
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      TM 5
      Please note that the TM5 mixing bowl has a larger capacity than the TM31 (capacity of 2.2 liters instead of 2.0 liters for TM 31). Recipes for the Thermomix TM5 may not be cooked with a Thermomix TM31 for safety reasons without adjusting the quantities. Risk of scalding by spraying of hot liquids: Do not exceed the maximum filling quantity and observe the filling level markings of the mixing bowl!
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      TM 31

Recipe's preparation

    Prepare fruit
  1. Cut both ends off fresh (pectin will be higher) chilled fruit (chilling makes it easier to slice) and discard ends.
  2. Slice along the length of the fruit to divide in half. ie Not the usual around the middle "waist” cut.
  3. Remove the pith and seeds by cutting a deep "V" through the fruit and flick out any other random seeds with the knife tip.

    NB: It’s OK to remove a bit of flesh, as its the rind you really want in marmalade.
  4. Set aside pith/seeds and excess juice (pectin is in the pith and seeds) in a small bowl.
  5. Slice rind as thin as you can with a super sharp or serrated knife and add to Bowl (with Butterfly inserted) and note the weight.
  6. Strain/squeeze the pith/pips and add the juice only to Bowl (note the weight).
  7. Optional, using a double layer of cheesecloth tightly tie a small bag of squeezed pith/seeds.

    NB: Marmalade will set without doing the bag, however it will just take a little longer to get to the “set” stage.
  8. Marmalade
  9. Add bag of pith (if using) and required water.

    NB: Add up the fruit and juice weight and then add 10 - 30% water, depending on the juiciness of your fruit. You just want enough liquid to cook the fruit in the first stage so don’t go overboard!
  10. Cook 30 minutes 100° C Reverse Speed 1 (with MC off if you've lots of liquid) until rind is soft when pressed with a spoon against the side of the bowl but still holding its shape.
    No further softening will happen after sugar is added.

    NB: If you are doing more than 500g of fruit you may need to extend the cooking time by up to 10 minutes or so.
  11. Carefully remove pith bag (if using) and when cool enough to handle, squeeze out pectin and add back to mix.

    NB: Squeezed pectin will give you a great set, however a cloudy marmalade. OR you can leave the bag in and very carefully remove it after completing the sugar cook stage.
  12. With lid off, add sugar around sides of butterfly and with MC off cook approx 30 minutes 100° C Reverse Speed 1.
    If mixture splatters too much, add steamer basket or Varoma dish (no lid) on top of lid to protect you and the kitchen from the hot sticky mess.
  13. Cook another 5-15 minutes at TM5/6 120° C (or Varoma temperature for TM31) Reverse Speed 1 with MC off as above until mixture is desired thickness when tested.

    NB: Various methods to test are listed below and if desired/needed sprinkle 1 tsp citrus pectin over mixture and cook another 5 mins to get desired firmness (I never do, however I always use fresh picked fruit).
  14. Marmalade should be stored in fridge after opening.
  15. Preparing Jars
  16. Rinse clean jars (without labels or lids) and place in cold oven and turn temperature to 150° C. After temperature is reached, "Cook" at 150° C for 10 minutes.
  17. Open door of oven and allow to come cool a little before filling. Ensure jars are still too hot to handle without gloves before adding hot Marmalade or they will crack!
  18. Place lids (no cracks or rusty bits) in steamer basket or Varoma and steam 10 minutes OR pour boiling water over them. Air dry on the cooling oven shelf.
  19. Your vote and comments are always appreciated!.....Happy Cooking

Accessories you need

  • Varoma
    buy now
  • Butterfly
    buy now


Max fruit/juice weight (after slicing) is 800g for TM31 or 1Kg for TM5/6.

Jam 101
Pectin levels vary in different fruits/seasons and is generally higher in freshly picked fruit.

Chilled fruit is easier to slice evenly.

Usual marmalade recipes are 100% sugar so this one is already reduced.
White sugar will give you a clearer finish.
You can use raw sugar if desired however it may make your finished marmalade a different colour.

Pre-soaking slices overnight will shorten the initial cooking time however not really necessary for this recipe unless making lots of batches at once.

Place a square of (uncontaminated) baking paper under jar lids that might be a bit dodgy to help with storage.

Enough moisture has to evaporate (as water can only ever reach 100°C ie boil) so that the sugary fruit mixture can go up to 105° C, which is jam setting point. A bit like the process for making toffee and caramels etc.

Methods to test theset”

1 TM5/6 - its easy, cook at 120° C and check the "actual" temperature of the bowl by reading the inside number, when its at 110° C your mixture is at jam setting temperature.
NB: I cook to 110° C as the top of the bowl mixture will be a little cooler than the bottom temperature sensor area.

2 - Turn off Speed dial and carefully scoop a little of the mix onto a metal dessert spoon. Rest the spoon on top of an ice cube and check for jell thickness as it cools.

3 - Saucer method is to have numerous small plates in the freezer and drop small spoonfuls of mixture onto the chilled plate, cool, then push your finger through it to check for jell wrinkles.


Add a little thyme or ginger or grated carrot to the cook.
Add 40g alcohol (whiskey, cointreau, brandy, limoncello) towards the end of cooking p 500g fruit.

This recipe was provided to you by a Thermomix ® customer and has not been tested by Vorwerk Thermomix ® or Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand.
Vorwerk Thermomix ® and Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand assume no liability, particularly in terms of ingredient quantities used and success of the recipes.
Please observe the safety instructions in the Thermomix ® instruction manual at all times.

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    Submitted by Antonella13 on 5. July 2020 - 10:10.

    Thank you for your thorough and very informative recipe . I've finally made my first jar of mandarin marmalade . I left the seeds in for my first batch but I will separate them next time

    Thank you for providing all your tips from flavour variations to jam and jar preparation.

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